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The Story


The origin of the name Sempre Cosi comes from a classic Italian family toast Matt learned from his mother. When all are gathered around a loving table, a glass is raised and we say “Sempre Cosi”, which translates to “it should always be like this.”

Whenever we are working with a client, whether it be an individual or a corporate entity, our goal is to search for solutions that make us feel like we have reached the point where we can sit down together and toast our success. “Sempre Cosí!”

Empathetic problem solving conversations

What's On Offer

Sempre Cosi is a focused mentoring service launched by Matt Signore and Matthieu Lauriot Prévost, targeted to two types of clients: Individuals: artists, executives and managers and companies within the entertainment industry


Through one-to-one conversations with Matt & Matthieu, the service provides tailor-made personal solutions to professional issues. They both have a unique way of listening, analyzing and candidly expressing their opinion. Given their decades of experience working with senior management in the music industry, and time spent “walking the floors” to connect with team members, both Matt & Matthieu are ideally positioned to offer professional, confidential and honest solutions to Sempre Cosi clients.


This has been Matt’s mantra for years. He first heard it at his daughter’s Confirmation ceremony. He was so taken by its simplicity, and potential efficacy, that he immediately committed it to memory. Ten years later, it has become such a driving force behind his interactions with humans that you can find it written on Post-it notes scattered throughout his office and home. 


Whenever Matt is faced with a human problem, The Mantra guides his problem solving process. He believes every person and every situation should be faced with an open mind. Put simply, this means we should be open to everyone’s abilities- even if they are not always obvious or they face certain challenges. The next step is to just listen, without judgement and without bias. Then, with an open heart, he works with clients to find a compassionate solution.


If something is not working properly, Matt and Matthieu reframe the situation, in light of The Mantra, to figure out the problem. They have discovered that roads can almost always be unblocked by figuring out when a mind was closed, someone didn’t listen or a party failed to show adequate compassion.


In short, following The Mantra is a process for approaching all human problems with empathy. This may sound overly emotional, but both Matt’s and Matthieu's careers have taught them that empathy makes good business sense. Why? Because introducing empathy into the workplace creates a safe place for people to be honest. This openness helps people make solid organizational decisions.

The Mantra


Trusted relationships


“Confidant and consigliere”
Jac Holzman - Founder of Elektra Records

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