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The service


Sempre Cosí is a focused mentoring service, launched by Matt Signore and Matthieu Lauriot Prévost, for artists, executives and managers within the music industry. Through one-to-one conversations with Matt, the service provides tailor-made personal solutions to professional issues.

We know that pressures in our industry can come from many different sources, depending on your role. 


  • Artists may face creative and business issues and challenges when dealing with fame, success or lack of success. 

  • Executives are often confronted with intense and complex decision-making, peer pressure and organizational stresses. 

  • Managers may face all of the above challenges.

This is where Matt comes in. In his executive role at Warner Music, a big part of his job was speaking with people about their issues. His unique way of listening, analyzing and candidly expressing his opinion helped them figure out their optimal roles in the company and navigate their corporate experiences.


These people skills, combined with his deep knowledge of the music industry and decades of managerial experience, makes him uniquely qualified to help both individuals and corporate entities. He helps individuals figure out how to navigate situations and he works with companies to better manage their employees, and even effect positive changes in their corporate cultures.


His unique combination of human and business solutions doesn’t currently exist in the marketplace.

The Investment

Flat Fee Model

  • A series of six one-on-one conversations on a biweekly basis, spread over 3 months.

  • Possible one-month extension if needed (as agreed by both parties)

  • Possible one-off follow up conversation

Subscription Model

  • Unlimited conversations on a monthly subscription basis

Topics Sempre Cosi are currently discussing with existing & potential clients

  • Succesion plan

  • Partner management

  • Creative team vs admin team issues

  • Artist relationship with labels

  • Group dynamic

  • Hiring policy

  • Future career options for individual executives

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