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Who we work with

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Sempre Cosi services address personal problems faced by individuals and people problems encountered by organizations.

Because Sempre Cosi is an outsider/insider, it can deal with issues that might be complicated to express and solve in a traditional environment in total honesty and neutrality such as relations between creative and administrative people, partners management, succession plans, diversity, structure.


A strong people strategy is crucial to retain staff, design a culture, develop diversity, create a safe and positive work environment and ultimately build the value of the company.


Individual issues can vary widely, from career decisions, personal behaviour, interaction with colleagues or stakeholders to dealing with success (or lack of…)

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Case Studies


Since its creation in January 2021, Sempre Cosi has worked with a variety of clients, both individuals and companies.

  • Work with a major independent publisher raising money to buy catalogues to solve issues between the creative and administrative people. Matt interviewed fifteen senior executives several times to design a recommendation to the board, including structure, hiring and firing and definition of culture


  • Work with a senior executive from major label: through weekly conversations, Matt helps this individual to shape their department, hire the right people, prepare their meeting with CEO, acting as a virtual COO.


  • Work with an executive from a industry body to assess next career move


  • Work with an artist who has just left a band, struggling with producing and releasing music by himself


  • Act as confidential sounding board for artists working with Porter’s Call (please check Porter’s Call web site for information)

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